Aluminium Loading Ramps for Professionals


Our focus is placed on smart, innovative loading solutions. Mauderer loading ramps come up with some unique quality features:



Fatigue-Strength Tested Geprüfte Dauerfestigkeit für Verladeschienen

To achieve the highest quality, we not only check the tolerable deformation of the ramp profiles. We also test the fatigue strength of our loading ramps under repeated bending stresses. This way we can guanrantee the long-life cycle of our products. All ramps comply with the valid norms and are tested to destruction.




Enclosed track profileskmauderer-verladeschienen_rampshop_24

Our unique enclosed profile design offers a safe, lightweight, easy to handle, anti-slip solution to most loading situations. Our track profiles resists the burden of rubber tracks or tyres over a long period of time.



No damages thanks to extended toe

Superleichte_Verladeschiene_AuflagerShortly Mauderer comes up with a product innovation with its ultra-light loading ramps. As the practice proves: most ramps damage bumpers or plastic coatings of transport vehicle. Mauderer has found a solution for this problem. Due to the extended toe (length 226 mm) now all current transport vehicles (Sprinter, Transit, etc) can be bridged at their sensible areas, so that the damaging of vehicles is prevented.


Anti-slip surface

profil_superleichte_verladeschienenSafety is of great importance so our ramps come with highly durable, anti-slip surface to ensure your equipment can stay safe and secure.




Serial security options

Befestigungen_AuffahrrampenAlso the safety aspect is considered with the loading ramps. The ramps conform to the requirements of the Accident Prevention Association. For instance they are equipped with serial security options. So the loading ramps can be secured easily from slipping.





For you, the customer, this means a great product “made in Germany" on time. It‘s what you can rely on